Front cover of What Went Wrong

Front cover of What Went Wrong

Chapter One : On Holiday

                                                              What Went Wrong 

 This was the holiday of a lifetime. 2 years of saving up. No nights out, no pizzas in, nothing. Save save save. All of their friends had stopped ringing them, no one called to their flat anymore. Every single spare penny they had earned had been spent on this trip. He hoped it was going to be worth it. Jim looked over to his sleeping girlfriend Aimee. She was sat next to him, but with the aisle between them. This had not been part of the plan. The airline had promised them seats next to each other, but said nothing about the central aisle dividing them. Oh well he thought, another 15 minutes and they would be on the ground. 4 Weeks in Spain. Not the sexiest of holidays, but good enough for the young couple. A voice came over the planes internal address system. "Could all passengers please be seated?, we are ten minutes from our descent into Palma Airport. Thank you, and we hope you have enjoyed your journey." With a click, the detached voice ended and people started returning to their seats. Aimee was still asleep. This girl could sleep anywhere Jim thought. His daydreams carried him straight through the descent, and he was only aware of the touchdown, when he felt the wheels gently bump onto the runway. After a few minutes, the plane had stopped, and the cabin crew were directing the passengers towards the exits. Jim and Aimee joined the long, stiff limbed line to reclaim their luggage, and within the hour were on a connecting bus headed towards their 5 star hotel. Even though it was still officially night time, the heat was blissful. To think they had 4 long weeks here. Sun, sand sea and some of the other. All things Jim was looking forward too. Of course Aimee had her own ideas. Exploring crappy castles, and shopping in the local market. Jim knew he would have too endure these things, but if it made her happy he would do them and even pretend to enjoy them too. She was asleep again. this time though she was leaning on his shoulder, her long blonde hair falling over her peaceful face. His imagination was running over time now. He was on a beach with Aimee, in the pool with Aimee, in the hotel room with Aimee. His daydream was rudely interrupted by a thin looking dark haired man, from the seat in front. "Does this bus go to loads of hotels, or just ours?" his piercing blue eyes quickly scanning the sleeping Aimee. "It goes to a few mate." Jim tried to sound gruff not liking the attention the man was paying his girlfriend. " Oh that’s good then. Cheers", and with that he turned around, and left Jim to his own thoughts. After a few seconds Jim could hear him relaying this to an unseen person in the next seat. He could hear a female voice respond, but could’nt quite catch what she was saying. The journey continued without further incidents or conversation, and finally the bus pulled into the grounds of a large tower block. They had arrived at the hotel. The slow steady sound of fireworks could be heard in the back ground. If they had’nt been so tired, they would have appreciated the long marble entrance, the subtle hidden lighting system, the perfect English spoken by the staff. Instead they travelled through the hotel in a blur, barely able to follow the porter to their room. They fell on top of the enormous bed, suitcases left where they fell and slept. Jim wondered how Aimee could even be tired, she had slept through an airport and a flight. He was’nt able to wonder for long, as sleep and blankness enveloped him. Jim was roused by Aimee. He was instantly alert to the sound of her voice. She sounded scared. "Jim, wake up, Jim!" She was over near a set of clear glass double doors. He quickly left the bed, and crossed the room within seconds. Last nights clothes still on him. "What’s wrong hunny?" His hand instinctively moved to the small of her back. "What’s wrong?" Large plate glass doors stood in front of them, a balcony on the other side. "Listen!" She was scared, holding onto the door handle in front of her. They both stood there for a few seconds. "Can you hear that?" she almost whispered. "All i hear is kids in the pool Aimee", Jim turned as if to walk away."No Jim, not the kids. the other noise, it sounds like gunfire!"

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